Product Spec Sheets

XLPE Foam Roll and Block Sizing & Color Chart (IN & GA)  Sizing and Color Chart 20180427 (IN&GA).pdf
XLPE Foam Roll and Block Sizing & Color Chart (CA & TX)  Sizing and Color Chart 20180427 (CA&TX).pdf
Contact Chart  Contact Chart.pdf
Skiving Tolerances  Skiving & You.pdf
One Stage v. Two Stage  One stage vs two stage 20150513.pdf
Foam Buoyancy Calculation  WF-0126 Foam Buoyancy Calculation.pdf
Glossary of Terms  glossary_of_terms.pdf
Typical Properties Matrix of XLPE  Typical Properties Matrix Revison E.pdf
Static Control White Paper  Static Control White Paper 2017.pdf
Thickness Tolerance  Thickness Tolerances.pdf
Company brochure 2018  Line Card 20180412.pdf
Density cross reference chart  Density cross reference.pdf
XP-15 GMW 15063  XP-15 GMW 15063.pdf
XP-40 ESB-M4D463-A  XP-40 ESB-M4D463-A.pdf
XP-40 WSS-M99P32-C, Engine  XP-40 WSS-M99P32-C, Engine.pdf
XP-40 WSS-M99P32-C, Interior  XP-40 WSS-M99P32-C, Interior.pdf
XP-40 ASTM D1056-14 2A5  XP-40 ASTM D1056 2A5.pdf
GHS SDS XLPE Safety Data Sheet  GHS SDS XLPE 2018.pdf
ROHS 2-Stage XLPE 2019  2019 2-Stage XLPE ROHS.pdf
ROHS 1Stage XLPE 2019  2019 1-Stage XLPE ROHS.pdf
ROHS XE Roll 2019  2019 XE Roll ROHS.pdf
ROHS XI Roll 2019  2019 XI ROHS.pdf
ROHS EVA 2019  2019 EVA ROHS.pdf
ISO Certification  2018 Worldwide Foam ISO Certificate.pdf
FMVSS 302 Classification  FMVSS 302 Certification A.pdf
2019 REACH EVA  EVA - Reach 20th.pdf
2019 REACH XE ROLL  XE - Reach 20th.pdf
2019 REACH XI ROLL  IX - Reach 20th.pdf
2019 REACH 2-Stage XLPE  2-Stage PE - Reach 20th.pdf
2019 REACH 1-Stage XLPE  1-Stage PE - Reach 20th.pdf
PA01  Data Sheet-950.pdf
PA02  Data Sheet-9775WL.pdf
PR01  IB1190XT.pdf
Avery Dennison 8950  FBR-8950-TDS-ADPT.pdf
Avery Dennison 7951  FT-7951-TDS-ADPT.pdf
GP-100  GP-100.pdf