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Serving our clients for over a decade

Worldwide Foam was founded with a relentless focus on providing  XLPE customers with the product they need, when they need it.   Short lead times on buns and sheets as well as the widest range of sizes and densities available.  Worldwide Foam ensures that our customers never have to worry about having the product they need.  Since 2008 we have expanded to seven locations as well as other product lines to include XLPE rolls, extruded PE and Elastomeric materials.  We are constantly expanding our servicing capabilities to supply you the best options for your press ready goods.

Latest News & Updates

September 2023 Newsletter: Roll Slitter

September 2023 Newsletter: Roll Slitter

New Single Shaft Lathe Roll Slitter Improved roll slitter is installed in our Elkhart, IN location. The roll slitting process involves feeding roll goods through a single rotating saw blade that slits the materials into smaller width rolls. This allows us to produce a...

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August 2023 Newsletter: Worldwide Foam TIPS

August 2023 Newsletter: Worldwide Foam TIPS

Worldwide Foam Tips Rising interest rates and higher rents have made the cost of holding inventory higher than ever. Worldwide Foam’s value continues to be the same as it was on day one: Buy what you need when you need it. Here are the TIPS we offer to keep your...

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Dedicated to ensuring that our customers  always have the  product they need.

Company Timeline






Purchased First Building



Leased current location in Ontario, CA
Leased original location in Atlanta, GA



Purchased 3rd building, 57,000 sq.ft. in Atlanta, GA
Added Irriadiated and chemically crosslinked rolls
Introduced industrial first production 6” thick XLPE bun



Introduce industrial first production 8” thick XLPE bun
Added Gong Young vacuum table skiver
Added PSA Lamination capability (Elkhart Only) and became authorized distributor for 3M
Purchased 4th building, 115,000 sq.ft in Elkhart, IN



Added ability to heat laminate polyolefin materials



Moved the headquarters office to a larger building with 10+ loading docks



Accquired by Jacobs & Thompson
Become Zotefoams Platinum Distributor in North America
Become Sealed Air Preferred Distributor



Open The 7th Location in Brantford, Canada



Open Silao, Mexico branch



Open 140,000 sq. ft. facility in LaPorte, IN.


Hutchinson Foam
WM T. Burnett
Sealed Air Extruded PE Planks

Our Brands

Elkhart, IN
La Porte, IN
Wurtland, KY
Atlanta, GA
Ontario, CA

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