Roller and Vacuum Skiving

Roller and vacuum skiving cut materials to your desired thickness.

Worldwide Foam offers a variety of add-on services to supply our customers press ready materials. To see our full capabilities chart, please click here

With over 10 skivers across all its facilities in North America, Worldwide Foam has the capability to skive materials ranging from low density extruded PE to high density XLPE.

Roller Splitting/Skiving operates by compressing the material between two rollers in order to push it through a fixed ultra sharp knife edged blade. Thickness is controlled by the relative distance of the rollers from the blade and the amount of compression required to push the foam through the blade. Roller splitting/skiving can process large quantity job faster and handle higher density materials.

Roller skiving Characteristics:

  • Cuts with compression
  • Faster for large quantities
  • Can handle higher density foam

Drawbacks and limitations:

  • Less accurate
  • Larger potential variation within a sheet and between sheets

Vacuum Table Skiving operates by holding material flat to a table through the use of air suction, and the table is passed through an ultra sharp knife edged blade. Thickness is controlled by the relative distance of the blade from the table. Since the material is not compressed, the thickness is consistent across the sheet. Typically, vacuum skiver is used for thinner gauges and limited to material up to 4lb. However, the process time is slower when compared to roller skivers.

Vacuum Skiving Characteristics:

  • Material is not compressed during the skiving process
  • Tighter tolerances

Drawbacks and limitations:

  • Maximum density in most cases of 4lb
  • Slower process speed
  • Limited to 1” maximum

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