New Single Shaft Lathe Roll Slitter

Improved roll slitter is installed in our Elkhart, IN location.

The roll slitting process involves feeding roll goods through a single rotating saw blade that slits the materials into smaller width rolls. This allows us to produce a wide variety of adhesive and non-adhesive tapes, including XLPE, EPDM, Neoprene, and NBR foams.

What is Roll Slitter

Single shaft lathe roll slitter, or baloney slitter, is a type of slitter that cuts large logs of material into narrower rolls. The name “baloney slitting” comes from the fact that this type of slitting is often used to cut rolls of bologna. However, it can be used to cut any type of flexible material, such as paper, vinyl, plastic, textile, foam, rubber, adhesive tape, nonwovens, and foil.

Single shaft lathe roll slitter machines use a single blade to cut through the material. The blade is mounted on a carriage that travels along the length of the roll. The blade is adjusted to the desired width of the slit, and then the carriage is started. The blade cuts through the material, creating a continuous slit. Roll slitter streamlines production and optimizes equipment use to improve yields.

Common industries that use slit rolls are automotive, packaging, electrical and construction.

Our new automatic slitting machine is capable of slitting master rolls into narrower rolls ranging from 0.07” to 62” in width, with a maximum outside diameter of 24”. The maximum and minimum width we can process would depend on the materials and roll diameter.

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