Sealed Air PE Plank

We stock 15+ SKUs include ETHAFOAM® and STRATOCELL® in our Elkhart, IN facility. ETHAFOAM® is a high performance, extruded, closed cell polyethylene foam which is manufactured to meet the highest quality and environmental standards. STRATOCELL® is a laminated PE plank that provides great cost efficiency and outstanding protection for a wide range of packaging and non-packaging applications.

Here is the list of PE plank we stock:

  • ETHAFOAM® 180
  • ETHAFOAM® 220
  • ETHAFOAM® 400
  • ETHAFOAM® 600
  • STRATOCELL® E – Density 1.2# – (Laminated)
  • STRATOCELL® S – Density 1.7# – (Laminated)
  • STRATOCELL® RC Recycled PE 1.7#
  • STRATOCELL® H – Density 2.2# – (Laminated)

(For sale in the following areas only: Ontario Canada, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.)