Versatile 2lb XLPE

Originally developed for gym mat and flooring applications with higher VA content to increase compression deflection and tensile strength, the XEV-20 has found a new niche market that we didn’t anticipate.

With an ever-increasing demand for EV batteries, the XEV-20 has been a competent battery insulation material to prevent noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). The increased compression deflection effectively dampens the vibration and shocks transmitted to the batter pack during operation, which directly translate to longer battery lifespan.

The XEV-20 is a 2lb extruded cross-linked polyethylene foam with a 6-layer structure. It offers superior energy dampening and resilient comfort. The closed cell construction does not capture moisture and debris, making it the perfect material for packaging, gym matting, and padding applications for sporting goods.