Product Code 5440
Density 6.25-8.75 LB
Compression Deflection (CFD) N/A
Service Temp F N/A
Shore Hardness 00 Durometer 45-55

Our 5440 foam is a black closed-cell 7.5 PCF / 120 kg/m³ EPDM 2A2 /RE42 grade product. This material is used in automotive electrical components due to its high resistance to corrosion. 5440 EPDM has good UV resistance capabilities and is suitable for outdoor applications and contains NO Sulphur. It has a very good Air+UV resistance and an Ozone resistance of 48H/200pphm.

Typical data sheet

Industry and OEM Specifications:

WSK-M2D-419-A Type 3
VW 50180