Macbond XT Series

The Macbond XT series rubber-based adhesive from MacTac is the first BioPreferred PSA recognized by the USDA. The XT series are available in 3 grades: IB1175XTL, IB1183XT, and IB1190XT. All are made with biobased and renewable components instead of petroleum-based components.  The XT series offers exceptional adhesion on a diverse range of surfaces, including foams, felts, cloths, primed wood, paper, metal, plastics, and various low or unplasticized substrates. 




Adhesive Type 

2.0 mils Bio-Based Rubber on Both Side 

2.0 mils Bio-Based Rubber on Both Side 

2.0 mils Bio-Based Rubber on Both Side 


0.5 mil PET 

0.5 mil PET 

0.5 mil PET 


12 pt. PE Coated Board 

80# White Medium Release SCK 

C2S 60# White SCK 



54” or 60” 

54” or 60” 


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