Cost Effective Alternative: EM-41-ST & EM-41-UL 2A1 EPDM

We are introducing two new 2A1 EPDM materials to our elastomeric product line; EM-41-ST & EM-41-UL.

The EM-41-ST is a closed cell EPDM foam, meeting ASTM D1056-2A1 and FMVSS-302 standards. It has a nominal density of 4.93 lb/ft3, and a nominal shore hardness rating of 39 (00).

The EM-41-UL is the fire-retardant version that has been tested to UL-94 HF-1, offering compliance at 1.5mm and higher. This material has a slightly higher nominal density of 6.18 lb/ft3, and a nominal shore hardness rating of 24 (00).

Both grades have excellent resistance to ozone and elevated temperatures making them ideal for applications including gasketing, sealing, and insulation. They can be supplied at 54” wide usable, in sheet and roll format, with or without PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive).

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