Inventory Changes

Worldwide Foam is making some temporary changes to its product lineup and processes over the next few months due to the continued strain on global supply chains. We have closely examined our product line so that we can continue to provide the optimum product mix at the lowest possible cost and the results are the following:

2 LB Density
Until further notice, the only 2 LB foams we will be stocking are:

  • 2 lb XLPE, 4 x 60 x 72, charcoal, grey, and natural
  • WZ30, Zotefoams 2 x 48 x80, black, red, and blue

We can butt weld to increase length and laminate to increase thickness on each of these products to provide more options on sizes.

8Lb and 9 LB Single-Stage
The XP-80R and XP-90R, 8lb and 9lb single-stage materials are also being temporarily discontinued. These materials have available substitutes in two-stage materials. Trying to stock both in the existing environment increases the overall shipping costs of our inventory.

Custom Products
All of our temporarily discontinued products can be custom ordered. Custom ordered products will carry a freight surcharge for any freight cost above our estimated standard costs. These conditions will be updated on all orders and confirmed prior to moving forward with any custom orders.

Our customer service team is working diligently to minimize the logistic challenges and ensure the orders are processed smoothly. If you have any questions regarding the order shipment, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service representatives via [email protected] or by calling our main office at 574-968-8268.