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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)

Worldwide Foam provides a wider range of PSA options to accommodate different applications. 

Our PSA selections include but not limited to 3M,  Avery Dennison, CCT, Adchem, and WF private branded grade. We can laminate your selection of PSA onto foam sheets and rolls, or can supply the adhesive on its own.


Name Adhesive Type Liner
WF GP-100 Acrylic White 60-74# DK
3M L1+RT Acrylic White 74# DK
3M 950 Acrylic Tan 60# Kraft Paper
3M 9775WL Acrylic White Polycoated Kraft Paper
3M L2+DCP Acrylic 83# Polycoated Kraft
ADCHEM 2016M Acrylic 74# Polycoated Kraft
CCT M1207 Rubber 61# Kraft
ADMUC Butyl Rubber N/A