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Our EF0 foam is a 4-8 PCF / 64 – 128 kg/m³ EPDM. Our EF0 is a SCO10 / 1A0 grade of EPDM foam. This foam has good UV resistance capabilities and a service temperature range of -70 F to 250 °F / -56 to 121°C.

Product Code EF0
Type Crushed EPDM
Density 6 LB
Brand Armacell
Cell Structure Semi-Closed


Typical data sheet

Industry and OEM Specifications:

TSK6505 2A1/2A2
MSAY 528, MSAY 550
MSAY 430 Type 1
GMN11106 Type 1AA
GMW15473, Class 1 Type 1
GMW17408 Class I Type I
Ford WSB-M3G212A
Hyundai MS260-13

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