Worldwide Foam has been offering pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) application as an add-on service since 2015. Our goal is to help fabricators to be more efficient by eliminating the hassle of applying PSA themself.

Formulated over a generation ago, the 3M 950 pressure-sensitive adhesive has been the go-to adhesive of the returnable packaging industry for quite some time. The 3M 9775WL is the next generation adhesive that is engineered to provide an excellent bond to most plastics, foams, and metals. The 5 mil Acrylic adhesive is designed for permanently bonding plastics, foams, wood, and textiles. The adhesive easily flows into crevices and voids without the addition of heat.

Significantly more cost-effective than the 950, the 9775WL also uses poly-coated kraft (PCK) release liners that provide improved moisture stability over the densified kraft (DK) in order to resist wrinkling and curling. The 3M 9775WL provides a better cost-to-performance ratio when compared to other Acrylic PSA.

We also stock a wide variety of PSA to include Avery Dennison, CCT, Adchem, and WF private branded grade. Contact us and request a PSA sample kit today!

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