Worldwide Foam was founded with a relentless focus to become the leading materials supplier in North America. As the marketplace constantly evolves, we continue to develop new materials, expand our product portfolio, and provide new add-on processes to better serve our customers. Currently, our major product lines can be categorized into polyolefin foam and elastomeric foam.

Polyolefin foam:

  • Conventional XLPE buns/sheets
  • Zotefoams nitrogen expansion XLPE
  • Irradiated and chemically extruded rolls
  • Sealed Air non-crosslinked PE
  • Specialty foams, including open cell XLPE, static control, fire retardant, marine decking foam, and gym mat material
  • Microcellular polypropylene (coming in 2021)

Elastomeric foam:

  • Expanded EPDM & EPDM blends
  • Neoprene & Neoprene blends
  • PVC
  • PVC/NBR and PVC/NBR blends
  • ECH
  • Crushed EPDM
  • Crushed PVC/NBR
  • Low-Density urethane

We also offer a wide variety of additional pre-press services including:

  • Roller and vacuum skiving
  • Roll loop skiving
  • Heat and flame lamination of olefin foams
  • PSA lamination
  • Roll slitting