Worldwide Foam (WF), a leader in closed cell foam, today announced its commitment to sustainable practices and the expansion of crosslinked polyethylene foam (XLPE) recycle program as part of its ongoing efforts to reduce its impact on the planet and create a more sustainable future.  

It is a traditional belief that XLPE can be challenging to recycle because it is a thermoset material that cannot be melted down and reshaped like a thermoplastic. However, XLPE foam scraps have been re-purposed in many ways for more than 3 decades. Companies such as Schmitz take the post-industrial XLPE foam and turns it into many residential and commercial applications such as weed barrier top and playground underlayment (not padding). By turning the XLPE foam wastes into useable and cost-effective foam products, it drastically reduces the environmental impacts.  

 WF believes that XLPE foams, in certain applications, are far more sustainable than other foam goods and material substitutions. It has established a strategic partnership with Schmitz to recycle XLPE scraps for over 3 years. “At WF, we recognize the urgent need to address the environmental challenges, and we have set up a XLPE scrap recycle program to collect production scraps from our customers since 2021,” said Don Frandsen, general manager of WF. “In 2023, we added two collection hubs in La Porte, Indiana, and Atlanta, Georgia to allow our customers in these regions to return their production scraps more efficiently.”  

Additionally, WF is taking a number of steps to reduce its environmental footprint and support sustainability, including:  

  • Implementing energy-efficient practices in all its facilities and operations  
  • Sourcing materials and products from sustainable sources and suppliers  
  • Encouraging and supporting more efficient logistic options for customers  
  • Recycling and refurbishing shipping pallets to reduce material waste.  

     “We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment and to being a leader in sustainability,” said Don. “We believe that these efforts will not only help to protect the planet but will also create long-term value for our customers.”  

    WF invites its customers to join them in their commitment to sustainability and learn more about the XLPE recycling program.  

    About Worldwide Foam 

    Worldwide Foam is the fastest growing closed cell foam supplier in the returnable packaging industry by offering the shortest lead time from our six strategic locations with the widest ranges of products and sizes in the industry. We began with XLPE and have evolved into a diversified closed-cell foam supplier that serves multiple industries across North America.