Worldwide Foam (WF) expanded into Silao, Mexico in 2020 to better serve the Mexico markets, specifically the automotive industry. The 50,000 ft2 facility is conveniently located in the heart of the Mexican automotive industry cluster, which is easily accessible by local OEM suppliers and manufacturers. “Our primary goal is to streamline processes and provide press ready materials for die-cut, routing, and waterjet cut. We have done so by investing in the right materials and equipment,” said Mexico branch manager, Alejandro Martinez. In addition to offering an extensive closed-cell foam line right in central Mexico, our Silao location has heat lamination, skiving, and looping capabilities to supply local fabricators press ready materials.  

WF Mexico facility operates the industry’s largest piece of splitting equipment at 86″ in width. This state-of-the-art F&K Loop splitter skives custom roll thicknesses and lengths unique to customers’ equipment, application and demands. Longer rolls result in lower costs, faster speeds and longer machine run time, which translate to improved sales dollars per hour worked. The F&K Loop splitters also allow us to convert sheets into continuous rolls by butt welding the materials together using heat or glue. We are confident that the local precision die cutters and OEM gasket manufacturers will benefit from the wide variety of press ready materials we supply. 

On the crosslinked polyethylene foam (XLPE) side, we have built up a wide and deep inventory to supply local market demands. “After the supply chain shortage in early 2022, we have worked our way back to the pre-pandemic level when it comes to XLPE inventory”, Alejandro said. This means fabricators can enjoy short lead time and freight savings to stay competitive in the Mexico markets. Alejandro further added that getting the foam you need when you need it has long been WF’s core mission, and we are bringing this mission to central Mexico to serve the local market.  

Worldwide Foam 

Worldwide Foam is the fastest growing closed cell foam supplier in the returnable packaging industry by offering the shortest lead time from our six strategic locations with the widest ranges of products and sizes in the industry. We began with crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) and have evolved into a diversified closed-cell foam supplier that serves multiple industries across North America.