Static Control – SC-41 & SC-61

We are excited to announce the launch of two new XLPE foams designed to meet the challenges of managing electrostatic discharge in packaging applications.

 In response to the increased demand for materials with static control properties, we are expanding our options to include 4lb/ft3 and 6lb/ft3 density XLPEs.  Complementing our existing 3lb/ft3 option, SC-30-M-3-CH, our two new foams have a surface resistivity range of 10^6 – 10^9, in a fabricator-friendly 1” x 48” x 96” bun size.

Designated SC-41-X-1-CH and SC-61-X-1-CH, these buns are irradiated crosslinked polyethylene that is extruded at .25” thick and laminated.  While the stock size is 1” thick, we can custom laminate these buns up to 8” to accommodate your requirements.

These buns are in stock and ready for your next static control project.  Contact us for a sample today!

Would you like to learn more about static control?  Please see our whitepaper for information.