Worldwide Foam is pleased to announce the release of our new MCP product line. MCP is a unique micro-cellular, closed-cell polypropylene foam, and will be offered initially in white and at 2.4lb/ft2 density. This lightweight, rigid material is produced in bun format, and provides a great strength-to-weight performance ratio, which comes with some unique characteristics, including:

  • No chemical residue, odor, or volatile organic compound (VOC).
  • Closed-cell structure with consistent cell formation.
  • Lightweight, high strength, and high elasticity.
  • Non-crosslinked construction allows for recyclability.

MCP is the ideal material for a wide variety of applications such as automotive, RV, reusable packaging, consumer goods, medical packaging, sporting equipment & leisure market.

  • MCP-24, 2.4 lb PP, 1.06″x60″x96″, white