3M L1 + DCP Acrylic Adhesive

If you are looking for adhesives that offer strong bonding and resist to harsh environments, acrylic based adhesive provides distinct advantages over other options.

Unlike rubber or butyl counterparts, acrylic based adhesives are designed for long term bonding applications where chemical, temperature, and UV resistance are required. While acrylic adhesives may not offer the strongest initial bond, they will strengthen over time and stay strong for an extended period of time. The 3M L1 + DCP is a double coated acrylic adhesive with polyester carrier. It has great initial tack and peel adhesion to closed cell foams and other surfaces with service temperatures up to 200 °F (93°C).

L1 + DCP is ideal for foam substrates including Polyurethane, crosslinked PE, and Microcellular urethane foam.