New products you might not know about

To stay ahead of the latest trend and market demands, we are constantly adding new materials to our product portfolio. Our goal is to be the one stop shop for your foam needs. Here are some new materials we brought in recently that you might not know about: 


20 ppi Reticulated polyether Urethane that uses thermal reticulation (zapped) process to remove cell membranes, which reinforces and strengthens the foam’s walls. Applications include air filtration, water purification, and sound absorption. It is also a popular material choice for outdoor applications due to its UV resistance and durability. 

SC-41 & SC-61 

4lb and 6lb extruded static control XLPE foam with surface resistivity range from 10^6 to 10^9. They are crosslinked via irradiation which gives the material a fine surface and consistent cell structure.  Both come in a fabricator friendly 1x48x96 size.  

All samples are available upon request. Get one now.