Sealed Air has developed ETHAFOAM® 300 polyethylene foam that fills in the gap between its 2.2lb and 4lb PE. The ETHAFOAM® 300 outperforms the competitors’ 3.5 lb foam and it is a great substitute for other competitors’ 4lb material. The physical properties provide optimal cushioning and compression performance in a lightweight package. It is great for automotive, electronics, household products, and sports/leisure applications.  

Worldwide Foam is stocking a wide variety of SKUs including ETHAFOAM®, STRATOCELL®, and CELLU-CUSHION® that provides great cost efficiency and outstanding protection for a wide range of packaging and non-packaging applications.

We are currently offering the following Sealed Air products:

  • ETHAFOAM® is a high performance, extruded, closed-cell polyethylene foam which is manufactured to meet the highest quality and environmental standards.
  • STRATOCELL® is a laminated PE plank that provides great cost efficiency and excellent protection.
  • CELLUI-CUSHION® is a flexible polyethylene foam product in roll form. It provides a smooth surface and vibrant colors that can withstand exposure to oil, solvent, and other chemicals. It can be combined with other materials through lamination for custom applications.

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