Using Substitution Materials to Avoid Delay During Supply Shortage

The global supply chain issues are no secret and at Worldwide Foam, we are constantly evaluating and adjusting our supply model to maximize material availability.


  • XLPE LINEUP CHANGES: we are focusing foam production on the highest moving parts, to do this we’ve temporarily discontinued some colors, sizes, and densities while adding other options.
    Please refer to our color & sizing availability chart below. It’s available for download from our website as well.
  • CUSTOMER TOOLS: our customer login portal is a great way to stay on top of material availability, inventory level, check open quotations, and sales orders. Please contact your business development manager or customer service representative if you would like to access our customer login portal.
  • FLEXIBILITIES: If we are out of stock on material, our CSR team will make suggestions of alternate material where appropriate.  Feel free to indicate on your PO if you can accept a different size or color.

Worldwide Foam is constantly trying to ease the pressures of the supply chain shortages on our customers. We appreciate your continued patience as many of us pivot from news coming in day-to-day!