J&T is very pleased to announce that it’s subsidiary Alanto Ltd., has acquired 100% of the assets of Ramfoam Ltd.  Ramfoam is the market leader in the fabrication and distribution of polyethylene materials in the United Kingdom.

Ramfoam has 3 manufacturing facilities located in the West Midlands.  J&T previously acquired Alanto Ltd., also based in the West Midlands in 2021.  Alanto is the market leader in the fabrication and distribution of cellular rubber in the UK.

Additionally, J&T has acquired Ramfoam Containers Manufacturing Limited, located in Dubai, UAE.  This is J&T’s first acquisition in the Middle East region.

Riley Brand, CEO of J&T stated, “We are very pleased with the acquisition of Ramfoam into the J&T Group of companies.  Ramfoam has developed a reputation for being the market leader in the polyethylene marketplace in the UK.  Combining Ramfoam with Alanto’s industry-leading foam fabricating expertise will create a one-stop solution for our clients, resulting in a more efficient way to buy closed-cell foam.  Further, our acquisition of Ramfoam Containers Manufacturing gives us our first location in the Middle East, which will serve as a growth market for years to come.  We will continue to invest in the businesses to ensure we are the very best supply partner we can be for our growing customer base.”

Troy McCourt, MD of Alanto, commented, “Ramfoam will expand Alanto’s current product offerings to our customers.  Our increased presence in the UK and Europe align with our strategic plan and continue with the global expansion of the J&T group of companies.’’

Tim Mulqueen, MD of Ramfoam remarked, “J&T is the perfect buyer for the Ramfoam businesses.  The many synergies and their proven track record servicing customers, make them the ideal purchaser.  I look forward to continuing to work with the J&T group for many more years to come.”

About J&T:

J&T, founded in 1955, whose headquarters are in Canada, is North America’s largest vertically integrated converter and distributor of closed cell foam materials with over 20 locations globally across Canada, USA, UK, Mexico, China, and now the UAE.

About Worldwide Foam:

Worldwide Foam was founded with a relentless focus on providing  XLPE customers with the product they need, when they need it. Since 2008 we have expanded to 6 locations across North America. Worldwide Foam was aquired by Jacobs & Thompson in 2018.