If you have projects that require fire-retardant (FR) materials that meet the UL94HF-1 standard, we have a few solutions for you to choose from at different price and density ranges.

The Worldwide Foam XP-18UL is a 1.8lb density, chemically crosslinked fire retardant closed fell foam specifically engineered to meet both FMVSS302 and UL94HF-1 testing requirements. It is an ideal material for applications where a self-extinguishing or slow burn rating is required. XP-18UL is currently available in 3.8″x39″x79″ size, in a charcoal color.

For those who are looking for fire retardant materials that not only meet the UL94 standard, but also come with a finer and consistent cell structure with no VOCs, try out our Zotefoams LD24FR and LD45FR. They are part of the Azote family that uses nitrogen-expansion autoclave technology to produce with exceptional cell size uniformity, low odor, high purity, and outstanding physical properties.

Depending on your needs, we can convert the FR buns to custom length rolls to optimize the yielding and to increase productivity.