Light Weight, Same Zotefoams Excellence

As the largest North American distributor of Zotefoams Azote series, we’re constantly striving to make these premium XLPE foams even more accessible and versatile for fabricators.  

At 2.5lb/ft3, the WZ-40 offers a great weight to performance retaining all the outstanding qualities of the already popular WZ-30, including: 

  • Fabricator-friendly bun size: 1.375″ x 48″ x 80″ for ease of handling and cutting. 
  • Uniform density: Ensures consistent performance throughout the material. 
  • Vibrant colors: Available in a variety of eye-catching options to suit your needs. 
  • Low VOCs: Contributes to a healthier environment and safer working conditions. 
  • Superior performance: Excellent resilience, shock absorption, and thermal insulation properties. 

The WZ-40’s versatility makes it perfect for a wide range of applications, including tool control, protective case inserts, returnable packaging, aerospace, and medical devices packaging.