Armacell 3091 EPDM

The Armacell Monarch 3091 material is a closed cell 100% EPDM rubber material that has a 3-5 PCF / 48 – 80 kg/m³ density. 3091 is flexible and has good UV resistance capabilities. Our 3091 EPDM is widely used in the automotive industry and meets all the requirements of ASTM D1056 2A1, as well as horizonal burn requirements of FMVSS 302 at 0.1875” thickness. Due to its excellent resistance to ozone and elevated temperatures, it can also be used in a variety of industrial applications.  

Industry and OEM Specifications: MSZ-75 J18 2A1 MSAY 430 TYPE 2 WSK M2D 419A TYPE 2 ESB M9 P1-A GMW15473 Class I Type IV GMW 17408 Class I Type IV SAE J18 APR2002 2A1 DELCO M-9660-9 TSM 1501 G 2A1 Adhesive GE to Ford WSS-M11P62