Recycle programs 

Worldwide Foam is devoted to not only being the leading material supplier in the industry, but becoming more environmentally aware and socially responsible. In 2021, we developed the XLPE foam recycling and pallet return programs that are designed to alleviate environmental damage, and to help our customers to reduce waste and production costs. 

XLPE foam recycling with Schmitz Foam Products 

Our Elkhart and Atlanta locations are now accepting cross-linked polyethylene foam scraps: 

  • No sorting. We can only accept XLPE and EVA foam from 2 to 8 lb/ft density 
  • Freight is on customers. We will take back scraps if orders are delivered on WF truck 
  • Materials can be loose loaded (does not need to be bailed)  

For those who generate scraps more than a trailer load on the weekly basis, you can contact Schmitz Foam Products to arrange a 53 foot trailer to collect your scraps. By recycling the scraps, you could free up floor space by eliminating waste from your facilities, and save landfill and waste hauling costs. 

(For more information about Schmitz Foam Products, please visit their WEBSITE) 


Pallet Returning 

our pallet return service is available at our Elkhart, Atlanta, and Ontario plants. You will receive a $12.50 credit per usable pallet returned to our warehouse. 

  • The acceptable pallet sizes are 39″x79″, 42″x89″, 48″x96″, 60″x72″, and 60″x96″ 
  • If orders are delivered on WF truck, we will take back any quantity 
  • We will issue $12.50 RGA per usable pallet 

We are dedicated to help our customers to Maximize the efficient use of resources and productivity. For more information, please contact us at [email protected]