GP-100 is a privately branded, acrylic-based pressure-sensitive adhesive from Worldwide Foam. This general-purpose product consists of a 0.5mil mylar carrier, coated on both sides with 1.5mil of acrylic adhesive. GP-100 uses a 74# densified kraft release liner, which provides added dimensional stability and improved handling during lamination or die-cutting, particularly on thin or flexible substrates.


We offer GP-100 in both 54” wide and 60” wide rolls, with each roll containing 750 feet total. This adhesive offers a great cost-to-performance ratio, and is ideal for general purpose packaging and precision gasket applications. Worldwide Foam can laminate GP-100 onto foam sheets and rolls, or can supply the adhesive on its own.

We recently updated our PSA selection guide which includes all 2021 stock PSAs. It is a great tool that helps you to identify the right PSA for the job.