When packaging and storing lithium-ion batteries or sensitive electronic parts, consider materials that mitigate the risks associated with fire, heat propagation, electric shock hazards, chemical leakage, and shock absorption. Worldwide Foam stocks a variety of ESD (Electrostatic discharge) materials designed to prevent damage from static electricity, impact damage during transport and keep the materials clean and free of contaminants. Our ESD materials offer a high surface resistance ranging from 103 to 1012 ohms and density ranges from 2-6lbs/ft3 

Explore material options below: 

  • SC-30, 3lb Static Control XLPE; 105 – 109 OHMS
  • SC-41, 4lb Static Control XLPE; 105 – 109 OHMS
  • SC-61, 6lb Static Control XLPE; 105 – 109 OHMS
  • LD30SD, 1.9llb Static Dissipative XLPE; 106 – 1011 OHMs
  • LD32CN, 2lb Conductive XLPE; 103 – 105 OHMs
  • LD50CN, 3lb Conductive XLPE; 103 – 105 OHMs
  • PE-22AS, 2.2lb Anti-Static PE; 109-1012 OHMs
  • PL-17AS, 1.7lb Anti-Static PE, 109-1012 OHMs

ESD materials are also a sustainable and cost-effective option for packaging applications as they can be re-used multiple times.

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