Worldwide Foam is pleased to announce the release of its new Micro Cellular Polypropylene (MCP) product line. MCP is a unique micro-cellular, closed cell polypropylene foam, and will be offered initially in the color white and at 2.5lb/ft2 density. Due to its weight to strength ratio, it is popular in shipping totes and dunnage inserts applications commonly seen in automotive industry. This lightweight, rigid material is produced in bun format, and provides a great weight-to-strength performance ratio that comes with some unique characteristics, including:


  • No chemical residue, odor or volatile organic compound (VOC).
  • Closed cell structure with consistent cell formation.
  • Lightweight, high strength, and high elasticity.
  • Non-crosslinked construction allows for recyclability.


MCP is the ideal material for a wide variety of applications such as automotive, RV, reusable packaging, consumer goods, medical packaging, sporting equipment & leisure market. 


MCP-25 White, 2.5lb PP, 1.06” Thick x 60” Wide x 96” Long


Contact us today for more product details, or request for samples and pricing.


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