XEV-20 custom engineered material

Our XEV-20 is a perfect fit for applications such as gymnastics padding, martial art flooring, and water floats. The XEV-20 grade is a 2lb density, chemically crosslinked extruded polyethylene sheet, specially engineered for longevity and durability. Containing a vinyl acetate additive, the 6 layer laminated construction provides excellent energy absorption and resiliency.

- Stock size is 1 3/8” x 60” x 96”
- Stock color is natural
- Price is standard $49.50 each ($1.24 per square foot)
- 10 sheet low minimum order requirement
- Same day shipping from any of our locations

For additional information and updated pricing, contact us at info@worldwidefoam.com or call (574)9688268.

Samples are available upon request!