8 ESD Materials You Need to Know About

ESD foams are materials that dissipate static electricity and electromagnetic interference. They are used in a variety of applications, including electronic packaging and shielding, EMI gaskets, and thermal management systems. The growing electric vehicle (EV) market has led to increased demand for ESD foams. 

Our line of ESD XLPE foams offers a wide range of densities and surface resistivities to meet your specific needs. Whether you need materials to package electronic components or a complete solution for a battery thermal management system, we have the right products for you. 

  • SC-30, 3lb XLPE. 106 – 109 OHMs surface resistivity 

  • SC-41, 4lb Irradiated XLPE. 106 – 109 OHMs surface resistivity 

  • SC-61, 6lb Irradiated XLPE. 106-109 OHMS surface resistivity 

  • LD-30SD, 1.8 lb Plastazote XLPE. 106 – 1011 OHMs surface resistivity 

  • LD-32CN, 2lb Plastazote XLPE. 103 – 105 OHMs surface resistivity 

  • LD-50CN, 3.1lb Plastazote XLPE. 103 – 105 OHMs surface resistivity 

  • PL-17AS, 1.7lb Stratocell PE. Anti-Static 

  • PE-22AS, 2.2lb Ethafoam PE. Anti-Static