Empolyee spotlight

Meet the dedicated team members that make Worldwide Foam possible.

Matt Gray- Assistant Plant Manager

Matt has been with Worldwide Foam since September 2020, starting as a plant worker at our Elkhart plant and recently been promoted to Assistant Plant Manager. Matt's favorite part of working at Worldwide Foam is being with his coworkers. When not at work, he enjoys...

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Gregg Gleason- Plant Manager Wurtland, KY

Gregg has worked at Worldwide Foam for 2 1/2 years and has been with Jacobs & Thompson for 5 1/2 years. Gregg was initially hired by Riley Brand in Jan. 2016 to serve as the Plant Manager for the first US location of Jacobs & Thompson. Gregg continues to serve...

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Aimee Nelson- Inside Sales Elastomeric

Aimee has worked at Worldwide Foam for 2 years and with Jacobs & Thompson for 4 years, but has been in elastomers for a total of 36 years. She's mainly worked in customer service and inside sales positions. Outside of work, Aimee enjoys traveling, serving in her...

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Sarah Fransden- Customer Service Mgr

Sarah Frandsen started at Worldwide Foam over 5 years ago as a customer service representative. She has also worked in inside sales and started managing our customer service team about 2 years ago. Sarah married in May of last year to Donny Frandsen in Las Vegas by...

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John Vinci- Senior Business Development Mgr

John Vinci has been in the foam industry for over 25 years with his origins being in extruded polyethylene foams. During his career, he has spent time working as both a fabricator and as a material supplier. Born and raised in Chicago, he resides and works out of his...

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Trent Mast- Controller

Trent has been with Worldwide Foam for over 7 years. He started as an office manager and transitioned to controller over 2 years ago. Prior to WF, he owned his own restaurant for 5 years and prior to that he worked as a financial advisor for 2 years. ...

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Tomi Shea’ Ohman- Customer Service Rep

Tomi Shea' Ohman has been with Worldwide Foam for over a year helping us provide excellent service. She is also working closely with a team in Elkhart starting a new and exciting 501(c)(3). This will bring jobs to mentally disabled adults and to the homeless, as well...

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Ryan Meyer- Human Resource Manager

Human Resource manager Ryan Meyer has been with Worldwide Foam for over 8 months. Prior to his current position he served on board the USS Makin Island, completing 2 deployments. He enjoys connecting with WF employees and looks forward to create more employee focused...

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Elkhart, IN
La Porte, IN
Wurtland, KY
Atlanta, GA
Ontario, CA

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