Micro Pro Polypropylene Foam

Micro Cellular Polypropylene (MCP) is a unique micro-cellular, closed cell polypropylene foam, and will be offered initially in the color
white and at 2.4lb/ft2 density. Due to its weight to strength ratio, it is popular in shipping totes and dunnage
inserts applications commonly seen in the automotive industry. This lightweight, rigid material is produced in
bun format, and provides a great weight-to-strength performance ratio that comes with some unique
characteristics, including:

  1. No chemical residue, odor or volatile organic compound (VOC)
  2. Closed cell structure with exquisite cells
  3. Lightweight, high strength, and high elasticity
  4. Non-crosslinked and can be recycled.

Potential applications:

  1. Automotive: Tail Light assembly gasket, truck liner, molded door liner, sun visor, HVAC insulation, and
    power battery cushion.
  2. Packaging: Aviation tray, electrical panel packing, refrigerated car insulation, and medical packaging.
  3. Consumer goods: Children’s booklets, art craft materials, shoe insoles, mats, and 3D model materials
  4. Medical: Packaging, clean pope, and neck collar
  5. Sport & leisure: Buoyancy material, protection gears, undergarment, and
    sports mats.

Stock size and color:
MCP-24, 2.4lb PP, 1.06”x60”x96” in white