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Our IR41 PVC/NBR blend is a SBE41 / SB1, B2, C1, F1, M grade of closed -cell foam, supplied in black.

Industry and OEM Specifications:

Product Code IR41
Brand Armacell
Type PVC/ NBR Blend
Density 3-6 LB
Cell Structure Closed

Industry and OEM Specifications:
ASTM C 534 Type 2, Grade 1
ASTM D 1056-00 2C1
UL 94-5V Flammability
Classification; UL 94 - HF 1 @ 1/8”;
ASTM E662-15; ASTM C-1166;
New York City MEA 186-86-M Vol. IV;
USDA Requirements: STC=17 per ASTM
E90; ASTM E 84 1/2” 25/50 -tested according
to UL 723 and NFPA No. 101 Class A Rating
NFPA 90A/B section 2.3.3 UL 181 sections 11.0
and 16.0 (mold growth/ air erosion) ASTM C 411;
MIL-P-15280, Form S (Sheet);
R8 sheet - International energy conservation code for outdoor ductwork


Additional information

Fire Retardant

FMVSS-302, UL508

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