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Our IG2 closed cell foam is a 5.5 – 7.5 PCF / 88 – 120 kg/m³ roll product that can be converted into various formats for the automotive industry and general industrial applications. This material has solid UV resistance and a temperature range of -20 °F to 200 °F. It has a Fluid Immersion rate of 100% max.

Product Code IG2
Type PVC/NBR Blend
Density 6.5 LB
Cell Structure Closed
Brand Armacell


Industry and OEM Specifications:

MSZ-75 J18 2A2 2C2 2B2
WSK M2D 419A Type 3
GMW15473 Class I Type IV
TSM 1501G 2A2 2C2 2B2

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