Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam Blocks

Crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) is a high density closed cell foam characterized by a compact feel and resistance to water that enables the material to be fabricated, thermoformed or compression molded in many ways.

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Roll Stock

Irradiated/Chemically Crosslinked

Irradiated crosslinked polyethylene (XI) is crosslinked through irradiation. This method produces foam that is smoother and with smaller cells. It is more expensive than chemically crosslinked foam rolls.  

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Zotefoams is a major supplier of closed cell foam, damping, sealing and insulation materials for the automotive manufacturing industry. Physically expanded in an open environment using pure nitrogen, these foams are pure and relatively stress free with an exceptionally regular cell size and structure. 

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Worldblock is the new block version of our popular XI-20 roll series. It continues the outstanding performance of the XI-20 roll, including no outgassing, consistent density distribution, small cell structure, and fine surface quality. With 4.25" standard thickness, the Worldblock allows you to take advantage of its superior typical properties in applications where a thicker material is required.

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Worldwide Foam, Ltd. is not a foam fabricator, however we do offer a variety of services to our customers as an added convenience. Please contact us for current stock and service availability.


Precision Skiving

Skiving is a horizontal splitting technique that uses a sharp knife to cut thin layers from larger buns to achieve desired thickness.

Heat Lamination

We offer an additional service to our network of fabricators. We can now heat laminate polyolefiin foams in our Elkhart, IN facility. 

PSA Application

We can apply the pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to both foam sheets and rolls at our headquarters warehouse in Elkhart, IN. 

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